Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Brand Content/ Entertainment Awards

All of the commercials that won awards differed by country, however they all related by integrating the use of social media into their campaigns which is why we think they were so successful.

In the brand/ product category, Chipotle, Samsung, and Volkswagen received gold awards.

Chipotle integrated the use of mobile apps and online games for children, while also informing the public of Chipotle’s healthy cooking ways.

Samsung reminded us about the Oscars selfie and how it crashed Twitter and other social media platforms through the use of the Samsung Galaxy phone.

Volkswagen and Brazil launched a campaign to bring back an old product, the Volkswagen “magic bus” in a nostalgic campaign. The campaign also used social media to interact with its consumers and get them involved in the telling of their memories of this historic vehicle.

In the integrated campaign category, Honda won a gold award and used similar techniques as Volkswagen in trying to revive the use of drive in movie theatres across the US. They used social media platforms to gain publicity for this fading American tradition. Unfortunately, no award was given for Grand Prix because the jury felt that no campaign was good enough.

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