Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 2

Another great day at the festival! I started the day by attending Adobe's "The New Creatives" seminar. In this session I learned that in today's industry, advertisers must be at the forefront of the trends and movements of online culture. Personally, this information was very beneficial for me because I tend to be stuck in the happenings of my own world, unaware of trending online topics and inactive on many social media platforms. The speakers really motivated me to stay connected with the rest of the world, and I realized that if I don't get on board with the media boom, I will fall behind in this industry and not be able to keep up with what the consumer wants. 

Another session that fascinated me was the National Geographic forum. We had the opportunity to hear firsthand accounts from some of the world's most successful photojournalists. I was in awe as I heard the life-risking journeys that these journalists have taken in order to show the "unseen" to the rest of the world. They were able to show us how truly important storytelling is, and how we, as advertisers, have an obligation to use real and authentic storytelling in our line of work as well. 

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