Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Commercial Critique 1

“Pick Them Back Up” by Proctor and Gamble was definitely one of my favorite award-winning commercials this year. The commercial was produced around the time of the Sochi Winter Olympics and pays tribute to the mothers of the Olympians with a subtle advertisement for Proctor and Gamble’s household products. The ad begins by showing young Olympians-to-be repeatedly falling in the snow, on the ice, etc., and being “picked up” and taken care of afterwards by their many mothers. These falling scenes then fast forward to glory moments of the “grown-up” Olympians as their mothers cheer ecstatically in the stands. The commercial closes with the slogan “For teaching us that falling only makes us stronger. Thank you, Mom.”
This advertisement by P&G won many awards, so over the course of the festival, I viewed it many times. Each time I watched the commercial, I was continually impressed and captivated. I believe that this ad is very effective, as it appeals to a large audience-- mothers, children, and sports enthusiasts and fans. The music and videography, along with the exciting and emotional scenes, all contribute to an attention-grabbing and enjoyable commercial experience. The timing of this commercial was also brilliant and strategic, and the buzz of the Olympics definitely added to the enthusiasm of the ad’s audience.
The only criticism I have for this piece is that it is not a direct advertisement for a specific product. While the commercial is definitely an incredible piece of work, I feel that the link between the ad and the advertiser may not be 100% clear to all viewers. The logos of the products being promoted flash very quickly at the end, but there is no obvious display of these products. However, today, many advertisements and commercials use less direct marketing for products and instead communicate ideas or causes. Although an immediate connection with the product and the ad may not be explicit, these forms of advertisements have proved to be very successful in today’s industry. 
Overall, I completely agree with the awards that “Pick Them Back Up” received, and I feel that the accolades given to the commercial were very deserving. 

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