Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Commercial Critique 3

“Bucket List” by WaterIsLife was the third advertisement I critiqued from the festival. This excellent commercial is a prime example of storytelling in advertising. The commercial follows the story of four-year-old Nkaitole in Kenya. To illustrate the fact that 1 in 5 children die before the age of five in Kenya from unclean drinking water, WaterIsLife fulfills Nkaitole’s bucket list. We watch him experience these life wishes throughout the commercial.  The creators of this production beautifully capture the young boy as he lives his dreams of leaving his village for the first time. We watch as he experiences moments including riding his first boat, outrunning the world’s fastest man, riding an airplane, seeing the ocean for the first time, getting a massage, taking a hot air balloon ride, and even having his first kiss. The commercial then closes with the statistics for young children in Kenya, asking the audience to donate and help provide clean water to Nkaitole and children like him.
“Bucket List” uses many factors to produce a successful and very effective commercial. The creative angle that the advertisers took in showing the bucket list of a four-year-old child distinguishes this commercial from the many other “save the children” ads of its kind. The creators took this dark and devastating concept and made it lighter through upbeat music and a lovable story of Nkaitole. Instead of leaving the audience in a sad and depressed state, the commercial creates an attachment of the viewers to precious Nkaitole. I believe that touching the hearts of the audience in an endearing way, such as making them fall in love with Nkaitole, invokes a proactive and motivated spirit in the viewers, versus the depressing emotions usually portrayed in this kind of ad. The videography and sound techniques also distinguish the WaterIsLife commercial from its other competitors. Stunning imagery is used in following Nkaitole in his journey, and the audience is able to see the world through the young boy’s eyes. The sound and audio is also brilliantly used in this advertisement. The viewers can feel as if they are right next to Nkaitole, hearing the sounds of the ocean for the first time with him. The creativity, emotion, and video skill that went into the production of “Bucket List” all contribute to the beautiful advertisement that won many awards this week at the festival.

 Link for the commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYf82F3CHYo

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