Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 3

Today I began the day at the Getty Images master class, followed by Kanye West's seminar, and then finishing the day with Coca Cola's Wendy Clark speaking about "Winning in Real Time." 

I really enjoyed the master class with Getty Images. Because I have some experience in photojournalism and photography, I was very interested in seeing the work of many talented photographers. The speaker described photography as the universal language of our time and how photography can truly change the world. He urged us to use real photography in advertising-- images that depict life how it really is. Consumers are no longer interested in the cliche pictures that have marked global photography in the past; today's consumer wants to see authentic, genuine, and real images. 

All I have to say about Kanye's seminar is that it was certainly entertaining (but not much else to be honest....)

I also was thoroughly impressed by Wendy Clark of Coca-Cola. Coke continues to amaze me as both a company and an advertiser. Every ad I see leaves me speechless and inspired by the good work the company is doing across the globe. Coke is such a classic company-- the fact that it remains relevant and current in its mature product stage is a testament to the incredible talent of its marketers. Best seminar I've attended yet!!

Loving the festival-- it keeps getting better and better as the week goes on!

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