Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 6

One highlight of my day was the McDonald's seminar on "How to Avoid Client Promiscuity." We heard from a panel of marketers from different agencies, all who have worked on different ads for McDonald's. The conversation centered around how to best work with a client in order to develop a loyal and lasting relationship. They discussed how clients expect the agency to be as involved and committed to the business as the client is. They also talked about the creative product as everyone's responsibility, and how a collaborative focus on quality is key. 
I enjoyed hearing them also heavily emphasize advertising as the "people business." As advertisers, we must know every aspect of the consumer market. We should use the product, fully participating with the brand in order to grasp the experience we are selling. Each of the speakers said that for inspiration, they will go to a McDonald's establishment, observing the consumer use the product. When they watch the consumer market in action with McDonald's, they are able to capture the special moments, translating them into the successful ads they produce. The key is grasping the relationship of the consumer with the brand. The best advertising is able to portray the essence of the brand in a real and personal way for the consumer. 
Another highlight of today was a great conversation I had with a Creative Director from Brazil. I told him my plans of pursuing Account Management, but how I always have secretly wished I was "good enough" to go into creative. I've always felt that I am a creative person, just not as creative and brilliant as the some of the creatives I've seen work. He urged me to not dismiss creative until I've had more experience. It was awesome to hear such real advice from someone in the industry. I'm definitely considering creative more after this conversation... We'll see where I end up. 

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