Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Commercial Critique 2

“Happily Married Parents” for HBO Go was another one of my favorite winners from the festival this year. The setting of the commercial is in a typical American family room. A mother, father, and their two teenage children are watching a show on television that uses explicit language and refers to divorce. The parents then pause the TV and begin awkwardly reassuring the teenagers that they would never get a divorce, eventually leading into an uncomfortable sex talk (a teen’s worst nightmare). The whole scenario is hilarious, and the commercial ends frozen on the teenagers’ horrified expressions accompanied by the tagline “May be a good time for HBO Go.”
This advertisement for HBO Go is absolutely hilarious and very effective in my opinion. The advertisers used a relatable everyday experience, humor, and a shock factor (the use of language and sexual innuendos) to create a very effective and memorable ad. Both teenagers and parents can identify with the awkwardness of watching certain television shows or movies together, and the commercial portrays this situation in a comic and entertaining way. The advertisement is also very effective because it explicitly shows a problem and how purchasing the advertised product can solve it. The straightforward communication provides a clear and easily understood message to the viewers.
The only criticism I would deliver for this commercial is that, in comparison to some of the other winners, it lacks meaning and depth. A commercial like “Happily Married Parents,” while entertaining in the moment, could be easily forgotten as soon as the ad ends. However, I feel that the humor and language used, combined with the relatable situation depicted, all contribute to this advertisement being a top contender this year.

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